Before contracts are signed, we thoroughly & meticulously scope a project to ensure that we understand all facets of the project, nothing is missed or duplicated, and all the client’s expectations have been addressed.


Before construction commences, we create a critical path master schedule to accurately establish a completion date and determine timing for major decisions and milestones. We also produce weekly schedules during construction to help us maintain a constant forward progress on all of our projects.


Throughout the construction process we provide a high level of very effective job site supervision to ensure quality work, maintain our established schedule, and prevent costly errors.


We provide timely field drawings, written field directives, product/material specifications, and RFI responses to our workforce, enabling us to keep a project moving forward smoothly. We are also capable of generating our own field drawings to help resolve problems and answer questions for our subcontractors.


We promptly disseminate important  information to all stakeholders on a project. Communication is effectively and quickly processed between the client, design professionals, & subcontractors to avoid any disruption or slowdown to the construction process.